Tuesday, February 03, 2015

3 Bikes

I know my son YJ loves balls and cars and motorbikes but i didnt imagine he had to do something naughty to get another one. 

On one of our grocery time, he accidentally broke a part of the yellow bike, the manager said we had to pay. So there he got another bike then and there. 

Now he got 3 bikes i wonder what he's going to do with them. 
Look so cute biking at nanay's house. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

YJ loves Car

It was grocery time when YJ grab this car and did not let go ever since. We had to buy to still enjoy some quiet time. But his smile while we bring home the toy was just priceless. Woudn't trade that for anything in this world. Anything for you baby boy. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Walking slowly but surely

Our little boy trying to walk slowly but surely on his birthday at La Salette. It was a double date that day, the whole fam bam attended the mass for Ash Wednesday and Yllac's first bday. 

Look at her ate Yani! Cheering on him at the back! Way to go our little boy!!! 

Friday, March 07, 2014

Yllac's First Birthday

On Yena and Yani's first birthday, we held the reception at Chowking and that's also our plan for Yllac's baptism and first birthday. However, the store manager at Chowking wasn't accommodating with my request (would rant about her somw other time) so we decided to hold the reception to Jollibee or any place bigger than Chowking. A perfect timing when we learned about the Bakhita Hall at Canossa, with only Php150 per hour and a huge room to accommodate 12 round tables with 8 chairs, 10 kiddie tables with 4 chairs, and 2 long buffet table, i know this will be our favorite venue from then on. Not to mention we can usethe soace outside for our photobooth and ice cream cart plus free use of chairs! 

The day was equally memorably fun and tiring since we did not get any catering services. And there are a lot of people to thank for, as the event wouldbt be possible without their help. For our cooke, we have my auntie and mrs refugio. For the catering needs, i have to thank my mother for her catering supplies. For tito mark and tita peng for our official photogtapher. For customeyes for photobooth. Kuya the ice cream man, who's very accommodating with the kids endless request of ice cream. For projecthappiness for yllac's superman cale. For damolo's party needs and for our relatives who lend a helping hand before during and after the event. We are so grateful. This we will not forget. 

Most of all thank you to our friends who went all the way to Cavite just to spend the afternoon with our kids. I am so touhed with the gestures. Thank you to my mother and mother in law for helping us with the guests. I wonder how we will be able to survive the day without all the help from our family, relatives and friends. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Yllac the little Superman

Now i know where to find superheroes costumes for kids in wide and different choices. 168 mall in divisoria is the place to be!!! 

Here's what i found for yj's superman costume. Perfect for his first birthday party next month. 

Friday, February 07, 2014

Yllac at 11 months

Happy 11 months to our little boy!! Now we're dropping off the nickname "manong" and have to call you YJ. Looking forward to your first birthday and baptism next month and your first ever haircut! Yohooooo