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Since my two daughters yena and yani have their own blog, our only boy deserves to have his space online thus i have to start writing about the first time we knew he's coming and his milestones.I have a dream my children would update this blog soon when they already know how to read and write. :)

Anyways, the first time we learned about the third baby, my daughter Yani was barely nine months old. It was unexpected but we're all excited for another blessing. I had to visit my OB and had my first ultrasound three days after having a positive test result on a PT.

In December i had another ultrasound to check the gender and we're all thrilled to learn we're having a BOY!

At 37 wks and 2 days, March 5 of 2013 at 5:29pm, i gave birth to our baby boy via CS operation at De La Salle University Medical Center. He weigh 3.35kg, with a head size of 34cm, a length of 49cm and chest size of 31cm.

Husband named him Yllac John. Illac from the good-looking and antropologist Illac Diaz only we have to change the I to Y since we want our children's names to start with Y; and John, he said a lot of great men are named John and he knew his son be great in his own special way one day.

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